COVID-19 updates

For the safety and health of our clients and team members, we have implemented the following new procedures during the COVID-19 situation:

  • FACE MASKS: All clients over 10 years-old must wear a face covering or mask inside TitleQuest buildings in cooperation with the latest Virginia Governor’s safety mandate.
  • CLEANINGS BETWEEN APPOINTMENTS: All conference rooms are sanitized after each appointment. Each appointment will also receive new pens.
  • CLOSING APPOINTMENTS: We request that ONLY THE PARTIES SIGNING THE DOCUMENTS attend closings in person. We would be happy to connect agents and/or loan officers via Zoom video/teleconference or by speaker phone. Please let us know (1) if you or anyone in your household are or have been ill in the past 14 days and (2) if you have traveled in the past 14 days. If so, we will make every attempt to make additional accommodations for you.
  • EARNEST MONEY DEPOSITS: All EMDs must be dropped off in our secure drop box located at our main office at 828 Greenbrier Parkway, Chesapeake, VA 23320. Check out our Bank Shot user guide to virtually submit your EMD.
  • AGENT COMMISSIONS: We ask that agents no longer come to our office to pick up commission checks. We will wire commissions at NO CHARGE. Please provide us with your brokerage’s wiring instructions (by encrypted email or fax or password protected PDF). We will need to verify this information independently with your brokerage if they are not already vetted in our system. If your brokerage cannot accept commissions by wire, we will regular mail the check to the office.
  • OTHER DISBURSEMENTS: Other disbursements, such as Seller proceeds, contractor checks, and the like will be sent by regular mail or overnighted at our regular overnight fee.

    Call our main office at 757-962-9844 if you have any questions or concerns.